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Silver the Hedgehog
Name Silver the Hedgehog
Race Hedgehog
Team Team Sol
Age 14
Alignment Hero / Normal

Silver the Hedgehog (シルバー・ザ・ヘッジホッグ Shirubā za Hejjihoggu?) Is a time-traveler that can use his Telekinetic abilities to manipulate certain objects. He travels along with Blaze, searching for a new and mysterious adventure.

Character Description[]

Silver is a hedgehog who has come from the future to change a ruined planet in his timeline. Although he was raised in such a world, he is an optimist and he is full of a strong sense of justice that motivates him to head to the past to correct the future. His psychokinetic abilities enable him to move things around by using just the power of his mind, a power considered second nature in his time. He also believes in standing up for those who cannot for themselves. Yet he is somewhat young and immature at times.

Theme Song[]

"Dreams of an Absolution" (Theme of Silver the Hedgehog in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006)


Silver is the only character that is able to grab and throw objects from a distance.

Input Move Name Description
Jump The character jumps up in the air.
Levitate The character uses their own energy to hold themselves in the air for a short time
Stomp The character drops down sharply, hurting enemies on their path.
Spin Dash The character starts charging a spin dash, and releases it when the button is released.
Jump Higher The character jumps a little higher than usual.
Drift A move used to make sharper turns.

(Also works in the air)

Psychokinesis Silver uses his Psychokinetic skills to pick up an object or enemy remotely.

(Also works in the air)

Teleport Dash Silver dashes forward using a power up from his Telekinetic abilities to zoom forward.

(Also works in the air)

Throw Away Silver shoots off any object he picked up using his Psychokinesis.

(With 50 Rings and Super Transformations unlocked)

Super Transformation The character uses the energy from the Chaos Emeralds and Rings to transform into their Super form, where they have extended abilities, better speed, and invincibility.


When entering a boss level while playing as Silver, the player will fight Eggman Nega instead of Eggman. However, Eggman Nega fights the same as Eggman does. Silver is one of 6 characters who has this effect.